Hupu News, September 26 Tomorrow, Henan Jianye will face Shanghai Shenhua in the league. At the pre-match press conference, Jianye coaching team leader Yang Ji said that he really likes to use young players because they can immediately give feedback on the information delivered.


Yang Ji: The league has reached the final round. We have a clear goal from the first two games, that is, we are fully preparing for the second stage of the game. We do not hope that the experience of disorganized personnel in the first stage will continue to the next stage.


From the beginning of Evergrande, everyone is not very clear about our injuries, including Ko Zhao and Gu Cao in the rear defense, including Iwo, Dorado and Han Xuan later, including Wu Ji, who have returned to Zhengzhou for treatment. Hope He recovers faster.


There are not many players we can choose in this game, and we will definitely send some young players to play, including Zhou Dingyang who also went to the hospital for examination this morning. The only two foreign players left will communicate with them. Wang Shangyuan will also look at his situation and consider their playing time. For young players, I still hope that they are confident, dare to fight, and exert their abilities.


Niu Ziyi: Thank the coach for giving young players such a good opportunity to play. At this stage, the team has also encountered some difficulties, including personnel including physical fitness. Through the first two games, we have found problems and improved through training to give the team the greatest help. We will be ourselves, fight our opponents, and dedicate wonderful games to the fans.


Yang Ji: There are not too many requirements. The most important thing for young players is to be confident and dare to play, so that we can guide them. I like young players very much because they can quickly improve and adjust by passing some information to them.


For example, Niu Ziyi gave him some guidance in the midfield of Evergrande. Evergrande’s defense has done a good job of oppressing the frontcourt, he can see the ball a little further, and he can quickly make changes on the court. He was also against Luneng in the last game. I hope he can handle the ball better. These details are for them to improve, of course, they must dare to play their own.


Niu Ziyi: First of all, I have gained a lot of self-confidence in the past few games. There were also mistakes and mishandling on the court. The coach and big brothers gave me a lot of encouragement.


Yang Ji: I believe that players can adjust themselves well. I mean some major players. Now everyone has noticed a statistic. We and Shenhua are the team with the lowest foreign aid usage rate in the 14 rounds, so I have been emphasizing that the second stage should be tidy. At Jianye, we will be able to complete our tasks better only when the staff is organized, so we have paid a lot at this stage. What I fear most every day is to hear the injury list given to me by the team doctor after the meeting, and to hear who can not play before the game, so we passed this immediately, and we don't want this to happen.


At the same time, I think our fans are very concerned about the team and hope that the fans can give the team more patience, because the second stage is about to begin. Give the team more support. I also believe the team can complete the relegation task in the second stage .


Yang Ji: What I just said has already been involved. From the first round, we arranged the lineup to treat each game with all our strength based on the overall personnel. This started from the first game and will continue to the end. Now our last round of matches, including against Evergrande, also delivered this message.


There may be difficulties in personnel. No matter who plays, the players represent Jianye. They may be inferior to you in terms of ability, but cannot lose in fighting spirit. But I believe that I will take every minute seriously and fight to the end.