Before the emergency meeting of the Premier League began on Thursday, the future of the Premier League was still uncertain. The clubs also made their own judgments based on the epidemic situation and their own circumstances. So what is the situation of each team now?


Since last Thursday night, the club has been in quarantine due to the positive test result of the new crown virus of coach Arteta. Including first-team players and coaching staff, the total number of self-isolation within the club is about 100 people. At the same time, Kearney training base and club youth training camp are both closed. Although there were no other positive cases in subsequent virus tests, the staff worked at home. According to the established schedule, the team's training will resume on March 24, but the actual recovery depends on changes in the situation. On the other hand, the players are doing personal training at home; some players have gyms at home, and the club also sends related equipment to those in need by mail. Arsenal’s management team meets every morning. The club is actively participating in discussions on the future arrangements for this season, but so far nothing has been concluded.


As of this Monday, no Villa players have had symptoms related to the new crown pneumonia, and the team has been training as usual, involving the team's training and arrangement of staff and coaching staff to maintain normal operations. The rest of the staff are allowed to work from home or take vacations. On Tuesday, in accordance with the latest guidance from the British government, Villa chose to close the team's training ground and stop training. Villa said that the player's health is the most important thing, and they are still not sure what will happen if the league fails to resume on April 3. Reina, the goalkeeper who joined Villa from AC Milan on loan, said in an interview with Spanish media that the suspension of the league should have been earlier. "(In this case) it is really crazy to play all the time," the goalkeeper said in an interview with Marca. "All leagues should start again after everything subsides. It is most logical to postpone the 2020 European Cup until next year."

截至本周一,尚无维拉球员出现与新冠状肺炎有关的症状,并且球队像往常一样进行训练,包括训练球队,安排员工和教练组以维持正常运作。其余员工可以在家工作或休假。根据英国政府的最新指示,维拉在星期二选择关闭该队的训练场并停止训练。维拉说,球员的健康是最重要的事情,他们仍然不确定如果联赛不能在4月3日恢复比赛将会发生什么。雷纳是从AC米兰借来维拉的门将,他在接受西班牙采访时说。媒体认为,联盟的停赛应该早一些。 “(在这种情况下)一直打球真是疯狂,”守门员在接受马卡采访时说。 “一切都消退之后,所有联赛都应该重新开始。将2020年欧洲杯推迟到明年是最合乎逻辑的。”

Goalkeeper Borutz and four first-team staff are still in self-isolation due to suspected symptoms. However, according to the current guidance of the British government, none of them has officially been tested for the new crown virus. The players will resume training next Monday to prepare for the match against Newcastle on April 4 under the current calendar. Prior to this, they will remotely accept training programs specially formulated for players, while wounded such as Maipam and Daniels need to report on their recovery. On Friday morning, coach Eddie Howe met with the club’s team doctor Craig Roberts. Although the club does not currently have any strict travel restrictions, Eddie Howe advises players to follow the government’s guidance and be cautious. Act. CEO Neil Blake prepares to represent the club at the emergency Premier League meeting on Thursday.

守门员Borutz和四名一线队人员由于可疑症状而仍处于自我隔离状态。但是,根据英国政府目前的指导,它们都没有经过官方测试以检测新的冠状病毒。球员将在下周一继续训练,以按照当前日历为4月4日对阵纽卡斯尔的比赛做准备。在此之前,他们将远程接受专门为球员制定的训练计划,而受伤的人,例如Maipam和Daniels需要报告他们的康复情况。周五早上,教练埃迪·豪(Eddie Howe)会见了俱乐部的队医克雷格·罗伯茨(Craig Roberts)。尽管俱乐部目前没有任何严格的旅行限制,但埃迪·豪(Eddie Howe)建议球员遵循政府的指导并保持谨慎。法案。首席执行官尼尔·布雷克(Neil Blake)准备在周四举行的英超联赛紧急会议上代表俱乐部。

Despite the irregularities, Graham Porter's team continued their daily training on Monday. But soon after, the team decided to suspend the training program until Friday. Currently, the team has 5 staff members in self-isolation for preventive purposes since last week. "There should be an emergency plan," Paul Barber said. The club’s CEO and acting chairman said at the weekend that he would support Leeds United and West Bromwich Albion in entering the Premier League next season, thereby expanding the league to 22 teams, which immediately caused some controversy. "I think this is a possible option," he said in an interview with Football Focus. "Excluding them from the 20 Premier League teams is obviously beneficial to us and other teams, but by incorporating these two Premier League teams into the Premier League family, we will have one next season Larger leagues... this also has some benefits. This is an unprecedented period, and we may need an unprecedented solution to this particular problem."

尽管有违规行为,格雷厄姆·波特(Graham Porter)的团队在星期一继续进行日常培训。但是不久之后,团队决定暂停培训计划,直到星期五。自上周以来,该团队目前有5名工作人员出于预防目的进行自我隔离。保罗·巴伯说:“应该有一个紧急计划。”俱乐部首席执行官兼代理主席在周末表示,他将支持利兹联和西布罗姆维奇下赛季进入英超联赛,从而将联赛扩大到22支球队,这立即引起了一些争议。他在接受《足球聚焦》采访时说:“我认为这是一个可能的选择。” “将他们排除在20支英超联赛球队中显然对我们和其他球队都有好处,但是通过将这两支英超联赛球队并入英超联赛家族,我们将在下个赛季拥有一个更大的联赛……这也有一些好处。这是空前的时期,我们可能需要以空前的方式解决这个特殊问题。”

Unless otherwise notified, all youth academies below U16 will be closed, but other affairs will still operate normally. Coach Sean Dyche and first-team players are still in Barnfield for daily training, and the club's office and management staff are still working at Tefmore Stadium. Under the epidemic situation, the club followed the guidance of the government and the Premier League and added temperature measurement and screening of training grounds and stadiums. No matter how the Premier League makes further arrangements for this season, the club will hold an attitude of acceptance, but it is not difficult to imagine that they hope that the schedule can be fulfilled normally.

除非另行通知,否则所有位于U16以下的青年学院都将关闭,但其他事务仍将正常进行。教练肖恩·戴奇(Sean Dyche)和一线队球员仍在巴恩菲尔德(Barnfield)进行日常培训,而俱乐部的办公室和管理人员仍在特弗摩尔体育场(Tefmore Stadium)工作。在这种流行情况下,俱乐部遵循政府和英超联赛的指导,并增加了温度测量以及对训练场和体育馆的检查。无论英超联赛如何在本赛季做出进一步的安排,俱乐部都将保持接受态度,但是不难想象他们希望日程能够正常完成。

The Blues are now in isolation. Since Odoi tested positive for the virus last week, both players and coaching staff have been self-isolating, and some of the club’s training grounds have also been closed. In this case, Mount's appearance at a football stadium in North London last weekend was undoubtedly shocking. Chelsea are very angry about this. The club has reminded all players why they must strictly follow the government's guidelines. Odoi's test result turned negative on Thursday night, but he developed cold symptoms earlier last week and since then he has not appeared on the training ground again. Last Wednesday night, he felt his physical condition had improved, and his symptoms gradually eased. Chelsea players plan to return to the training ground this Sunday, but due to the uncertainty of the situation, everything may be subject to change.


In order to prevent the epidemic, the club decided to close the training venues of the first team and youth academy in Beckenham for a week. Before further notice, the players will conduct personal targeted physical training at home. As the British government previously recommended that people over 70 need to self-isolate, Crystal Palace also began to worry about the situation of Hodgson, the oldest coach in the Premier League, who is now 72 years old. When talking about whether the Premier League should end directly, club co-chair Steve Parrish responded half-jokingly. "In the end this will be a reasonable solution," he said on Twitter-a netizen said that the final ranking of the league should be based on the results of the last 3 rounds of the Premier League. If so, Crystal Palace will win the first place in team history. A Premier League champion, and Liverpool will only be ranked sixth.

为了防止这种流行病,俱乐部决定关闭贝肯汉姆第一队和青年学院的训练场地一周。在未另行通知之前,选手将在家中进行有针对性的体育锻炼。正如英国政府先前建议70岁以上的人需要自我隔离一样,水晶宫也开始担心霍奇森的状况,霍奇森是英超联赛中现年72岁的老教练。在谈论是否应该直接结束英超联赛时,俱乐部联席主席史蒂夫·帕里什(Steve Parrish)开玩笑地说。他在推特上说:“最终这将是一个合理的解决方案。”一位网民说,联赛的最终排名应基于英超联赛前三轮的结果。如果是这样,水晶宫将赢得队史上的第一名。英超冠军和利物浦将仅排名第六。

Before further notice, all staff, players and coaching staff have been advised to stay at home. This decision was made after an unnamed player in the team had a high body temperature last Thursday. The player's physical condition has improved, but he still has a 7-day self-isolation period. Other players conduct personal training at home and are advised not to go to public places unless necessary. Judging from the current situation, the first team of Toffee will resume training at the Fincher Farm Training Base on March 22. Regarding the issue of the league, the club’s official attitude is this: “Everton is always committed to working with the Premier League and all clubs to make a decision that is in the interests of maximizing the welfare of our country. In the face of the new crown epidemic, Public health must be the top issue at the moment."


After 3 players developed mild flu-like symptoms and self-quarantined for 7 days, no other players showed any symptoms. Since the suspension of the league, the team has been off for several days. Before the meeting to discuss the remaining Premier League schedule this Thursday, Fox City has no plans to resume training. Today, the team ranks third in the league and is in the Champions League. They stated that the team must prepare for the game against Everton on April 6 as scheduled, and there is no need to publicly express any opinions before the relevant issues change.


Last Friday, Klopp issued a related statement on the topic of health over football; and considering that there are huge variables in the game under the epidemic, the Red Army believes that it is inappropriate to make a public statement for the subsequent planning of the league. Club staff will express the views of the club when communicating with multiple associations and organizations, and the integrity of the competition will be the central theme of Liverpool's attitude. At the same time, since last Friday, the players have left the Melwood training base and are advised to conduct personal training at home. According to the current situation, the players will return to the training base within this month to prepare for the April 3 match under the current calendar. Injured players have the right to enter the Melwood training base, but their recovery training schedule is subject to strict restrictions. The players' training sessions are staggered to avoid cross-contact. In addition, the club advises all players not to travel abroad.


In the past weekend, Manchester City’s players have been conducting personal training at home. Jesus, Otamendi, Zinchenko, Cancelo and David Silva have all shared their training on Instagram. Although Mendy self-isolated due to fear that his father might be infected with the new crown virus, he should not be sick from the current situation. Cancelo also posted a photo of himself and his children on his social media platform, with the words "the best isolation". I don't know if this sentence is also their attitude for Guardiola's team, but the club has not yet made any statement on whether to resume daily training.

在过去的周末,曼城的球员一直在家里进行私人训练。耶稣,奥塔曼迪,津琴科,坎索和大卫·席尔瓦都在Instagram上分享了他们的培训。尽管门迪因担心父亲可能感染了新的冠状病毒而自我隔离,但他不应因目前的状况而生病。 Cancelo还在自己的社交媒体平台上贴了一张自己和他的孩子的照片,上面写着“最好的隔离”。我不知道这句话是否也是他们对瓜迪奥拉队的态度,但俱乐部尚未就是否恢复日常训练发表任何声明。

Solskjaer’s team took a few days off after their 5-0 victory over Linz last week. According to their previous plan, they should have regular training in Carrington on Tuesday, local time. But according to the government's guidance, Manchester United has cancelled the first team training. The club has taken a series of measures to reduce the potential risk of infection. Manchester United has previously issued a statement saying that the club has strengthened the management and restrictions on visitors, and foreigners need to report their recent travel records and whether there is a hidden danger of contracting the new crown virus.


The club has closed the training ground for a tentative period of two weeks, but injured players can enter for recovery and physical therapy. The youth training camp not far from the training base was also closed at the same time. Since Christmas, the club’s training ground has been regularly disinfected. At that time, some players and coaches were infected with other diseases. Such disinfection procedures will continue. Newcastle players and coaching staff have not been infected with the new crown virus and have not been quarantined, and the players have conducted personal training at home. Regarding the issue of players traveling abroad during the two-week holiday, coach Steve Bruce was very open, but he hopes that the team doctor can evaluate the players personally if they develop suspected symptoms. The club had previously established a schedule for recovery training. Bruce believes that if possible, this season should end normally, but he also said that it will take 6-8 weeks for the season to resume. In the past four weeks, Newcastle has always been preparing for the isolation and suspension of the league, and they have also planned in advance for the player's personal training plan.


The Canary players have time off, and everyone has a lot of time to spend with their families. The injured players are continuing to resume training, and the club has been evaluating the impact of the epidemic over time to observe whether the league can really restart in early April. There was no infection or isolation in the team. Norwich, who is at the bottom of the league, is in a very serious situation, but their remaining games are still expected to reverse the situation through victory. Regarding the future planning and schedule of the league, the team did not make any comments on public or private occasions.


Sheffield United has not trained since last week, and the team still plans to make flexible changes in accordance with the epidemic situation this week. "The situation is changing rapidly," a team official said that the team's training recovery is still uncertain. "The most important thing is to protect everyone's safety, so we have been looking at the problem from a long-term perspective." The club suspended all unnecessary transactions and business, and closed all offices located at Bramall Lane Stadium until next week.

谢菲尔德联队自上周以来未进行过训练,该小组仍计划根据本周的疫情进行灵活的调整。团队官员说:“情况正在迅速改变。”该团队的训练恢复仍然不确定。 “最重要的是保护每个人的安全,因此我们一直从长远的角度来看问题。”俱乐部暂停了所有不必要的交易和业务,并关闭了位于Bramall Lane体育场的所有办公室,直到下周。

On Monday, all the players participated in the training as usual, but the Staplewood Training Base and St. Mary's Stadium have strengthened the epidemic prevention restrictions. The club carried out deep cleaning and limited work on the training grounds and courts. Other departments of the club carried out strict control and adopted necessary protective measures. Areas for fans and consumers such as ticket offices and fan shops have been closed. However, the team has announced a suspension of training. Today, no player in the team has been infected, but the former Saints player Gabriel Dini, who now plays for Sampdoria, tested positive last week. "We must do everything possible to prevent the rapid spread of the virus," coach Hasen Hüter said last week. "This is the goal of all of us."

周一,所有球员都照常参加了培训,但斯台普伍德训练基地和圣玛丽体育场加强了防疫措施。俱乐部在训练场和球场上进行了深层清洁和有限的工作。俱乐部的其他部门进行了严格的控制,并采取了必要的保护措施。售票处和球迷商店等球迷和消费者专区已经关闭。但是,该团队宣布暂停训练。今天,球队中没有球员被感染,但是前圣徒球员加布里埃尔·迪尼(Gabriel Dini)现在为桑普多利亚队效力,上周测试为阳性。 “我们必须尽一切可能防止该病毒的迅速传播,”教练哈森·胡特尔上周表示。 “这是我们所有人的目标。”

None of the players showed symptoms, and the team conducted training as usual on Monday. Sun Xingyu returned to the team for further recovery after completing 14 days of isolation and observation. The South Korean winger had previously returned to his home country severely affected by the epidemic to undergo fracture surgery. Mourinho and his players will continue normal training, but due to the postponement of the game, the team will also have the opportunity to rest for a few days. Tottenham’s training base in Enfield is still in full operation, and the management hopes that the team can achieve better results through adjustments.


The last time Watford players participated in training was last Friday. According to the previous plan, they are preparing to return to the training ground this Wednesday. The club has not made relevant decisions on long-term training arrangements so far, but obviously this also depends on the health of players, coaching staff and their families. All the players and coaches are in good health. Three people were tested for the new crown virus last week and the results were all negative. However, the management staff have taken leave to prevent the epidemic.


West Ham United Vice President Karen Brady said, “The only fair and reasonable result is the end of the season.” Due to previous contact with Arteta, who tested positive for the virus, the team coach Moyes and assistant coaches need to spend 7 days on their own. Isolation, but neither they nor the players showed any symptoms. West Ham United has thoroughly disinfected and cleaned the stadium and training base. According to the current plan, the players will return to training later this week.

西汉姆联队副总裁卡伦·布雷迪(Karen Brady)说:“唯一公平合理的结果是赛季结束。”由于先前曾与该病毒测试呈阳性的Arteta接触,所以队教练Moyes和助理教练需要自己花费7天。隔离,但他们和玩家均未显示任何症状。西汉姆联队已经彻底消毒和清洁了体育场和训练基地。根据目前的计划,球员将在本周晚些时候恢复训练。

None of the Wolves’ players had any symptoms. They did not need to be quarantined or dealt with. Coach Nuno Santo and the team continued to train in Putton Park as usual. However, the club’s home stadium will be closed until April 4th. All managers have been working from home, and the fan shops, ticket offices, and meeting rooms have also been closed. Club President Shi Yu urged fans not to underestimate the epidemic in the announcement on the club's official website, and shared that he has developed a deep sense of responsibility to face the epidemic and its impact after communicating with colleagues and family from China.

狼队的球员没有任何症状。他们不需要隔离或处理。努诺·桑托(Nuno Santo)教练和车队照常继续在普顿公园训练。但是,俱乐部的主场体育场将关闭至4月4日。所有经理都一直在家里工作,而风扇商店,售票处和会议室也已经关闭。俱乐部主席史瑜敦促球迷们不要在俱乐部官方网站上的公告中低估这一流行病,并分享他在与来自中国的同事和家人沟通后,已经对面对这一流行病及其影响产生了深刻的责任感。